Nationwide polling data clearly indicates that an overwhelming majority of voters support four national strategic policy ideas, known as the No Labels National Strategic Agenda.  They include:  1) balance the federal budget by 2030, 2) make America energy secure by 2024, 3) create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years, and 4) secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years.

Forty-eight of our U.S. Congress, 24 Republicans and 24 Democrats, including Iowa’s Rep. Dave Loebsack, have co-sponsored House Resolution 207, that calls on these four topics to become the center piece of future legislative action.  Similarly, Senate Resolution 199, with identical language, was introduced on June 17 at the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Congressional hearing.

Please contact Iowa’s three other Congressmen and request they co-sponsor this bipartisan initiative (H. Res. 207) and help us solve four issues that are paramount to our future: Rep. Rod Blum (202-225-2911;, Rep. David Young (202-225-5476;, and Rep. Steve King (202-225-4426;  Also ask that Senators Ernst and Grassley co-sponsor S. Res. 199 (; 202-224-3254  and; 202-224-3744).

My reading of the tea leaves says that these same four policy topics will be on the next president’s to-do list.  As you interact with the plethora of presidential candidates that visit our beautiful state, inquire as to their stance on these four policies.  If they are not knowledgeable or supportive of these four USA survival issues, s/he should not get your support or vote.  Why?  Without change, we’ll continue to have status quo, gridlock will be further entrenched, and economic fallout can be assured.

Only when we apprise our elected leaders of issues that are important to us can we expect our legislators to represent Iowa’s three million proud citizens, let alone look out for the macro- and micro-economic welfare of USA’s 318 million population.