Mayor Haas, I attended the Forum last night and it was pretty clear that you are basing your possible re-election hopes on telling people that in the past two years you have reduced the debt of Dyersville by a certain amount, I don’t recall the exact amount. 

When Mr. Mullis was asked why he was running for Council, he stated that he wanted to stop irresponsible spending. 

 I compare running a City to owning a home or vehicle, although I will say a home and vehicle are on a much smaller scale than a City. My point is, if your home needed a new roof and you couldn›t afford to replace it at the time you would have to borrow money. If your vehicle breaks down, you get it fixed or you may have to borrow money to replace it. If you don›t take care of what you own and let things get run down to the point where your property value goes down, you have to spend money. To me this would not be irresponsible spending. To me borrowing for projects like this is not embarrassing — it is a necessity.

 If you were faced with having to add a new water tower to the City, or if the DNR told you that your Waste Water Treatment Plant was out of compliance and you must do upgrades or face fines, would you ignore these problems, or would you consider spending money on these projects a responsible way to spend taxpayer money?  If you would consider spending taxpayer money on such projects would you ask the city administrator to apply for grant money (which he is very good at) to help with the cost and borrow the remainder, or would you just by-pass the city administrator and a possible grant and pay for the projects out of the petty cash fund? 

If you don’t keep up with repairs and upgrades to the infrastructure of a City, things will start falling apart, including property values. Thanks to past administrations, the people of Dyersville should be very proud of the current condition of the streets, sewer and water distribution systems in this City.  

Thanks for letting me express my comments.