Did the people of our communities see a star in the sky that led them to the toy land at 1 ½ Street in Dyersville? There were continual donations delivered for our toy project all wrapped up in the spirit of love and giving so Christmas would be brighter for families who needed help. It was overwhelming some days to witness this outpouring of love.

More families needed the star and asked for help this year. How praiseworthy for our community to meet their needs. I witnessed people looking out for their hurting friends and families. How beautiful to see people who had never been here before, come and witness the goodness of this community. People were astounded and speechless when they could see with their eyes what this toy operation is all about. Many questions were asked about how Christmas happens when the people came to gather gifts for their loved ones.

Because people are very giving, caring and generous, families can select from the donations what they want to fulfill their Christmas dreams for their loved ones. Answering the questions and sharing the Christmas stories is one of the most delightful and rewarding parts to my job.

The hardest part of me is doing justice to thanking everyone for all they donated during this time of preparation for Christmas. My heart is bursting with love, admiration and thankfulness for your continued support and generous giving. The list of donors is long and because I might slight someone, I am going to make one profound statement of thanks to each and every person and place that cared so much for our society to donate huge amounts of toys and goods to this daily worthy cause. You are my lifeline, and I am forever indebted to each of you. My hope for the New Year is that you will reap rewards for the kindness you have shown toward others.

Thanks to my sisters and everyone who lent a helping hand to make 2015 the biggest and best ever.