You are never going to find a mayor like Al Haas for he keeps no secrets.

Some say he talks too much and so he does, but go to the coffee shops and he will let you know what is going on in the city and how he is trying to save the taxpayers’ money.

He is always in different places supporting the businesses and answering your questions. Some of you might not like what he says, but he doesn’t care. He is fighting for the taxpayers of Dyersville. He and his wife Lora are at every funeral giving their sympathy to the families of the one that passed on with a beautiful picture and a heartwarming verse.

We need more caring people like our Mayor Al Haas and his council that doesn’t care about the big $$$$$ that are being spent, but are watching for the pennies that slip by and cost a lot in the end. Let’s keep what we have so we will know what is really going on behind closed doors. Re-elect Mayor Haas, add some new ideas and a new face by electing Michael Mullis and guess who else.