In recent memory, the City of Dyersville has been renowned by its peers, its visitors and a large majority of its people as a very successful city. Those were great days. Lately, a very different situation has come into being; one which is quite unsettling.

Dan Willenborg has stated that three basic things will be necessary to get our city back to where it needs to be: re-open the governmental decision making process and all government records to the public, re-focus a majority of the elected officials to once again work together with city staff to accomplish our common objectives and restore the funding of our volunteer organizations to a level where they can be run effectively and continue to attract, equip and train the necessary staff and to continue the upgrade of their capital assets and programs.

Dan Willenborg gained valuable experience as he served on our City Council for eight years. He has attended the training sessions in proper municipal government practices and procedures offered by the Iowa League of Cities. Dan has volunteered to be responsible and accountable for our affairs in this arena and is worthy of our trust. Without reservation, I recommend Dan Willenborg as the clear choice to be the next Mayor of Dyersville.

It’s not too late to get Dyersville back on track … and back to productive work.