Jay Wickham once again got caught trying to run the county by himself. Dubuque County has an elected county attorney to assist the board in legal matters. Bad enough Wickham went to outside counsel, but when his sister works there, that's "nepotism." Wickham is an elected official, entrusted by the citizens of this county, a trust which he has repeatedly violated.

Twice Wickham tried to move General Assistance from the Veteran's Administration, who were doing an excellent job with minimal expense to Dubuque County. He wanted to give this to a friend at taxpayers' expense. He finally accomplished this on the third attempt when Dave Baker seconded his motion. After the fact, Baker wondered "what services Dubuque County was paying for." The back door deal was done and the contract was signed without review by our county attorney.

I understand that Resources United is receiving over $30,000 to run the General Assistance program. This is a perfect example of what has been going on the last four years with Wickham and Baker. If one wants something the other blindly supports it. This happens with little or no discussion and input from the third supervisor, Ann McDonough.

All three supervisors are elected by the citizens of this county. All should be heard.

We definitely need a change on the board of supervisors, beginning with Dave Baker.

That is why I will be voting for Harley Pothoff for Dubuque County Supervisor, and I ask all Dubuque County citizens to do the same.