On March 2, voters in the Western Dubuque district will be asked to vote on the continuation of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). The PPEL Fund covers the critical costs associated with providing and maintaining the safe, secure and well-equipped school buildings necessary for students to flourish. In addition, school buses (which are used for public and private schools) are purchased with this fund. (Salaries cannot be paid with this fund.)

The Western Dubuque district has done a good job of updating our buildings to coincide with changes in society to keep our children safe. Security and computers are covered with PPEL fund.

Every school day, hundreds of children use our facilities. This means that there are continued expenses to maintain the buildings. In addition, buses continue to be a big expense — maintenance and purchases. Without this levy, money must be taken from other areas of the budget, which in turn takes away what I call “kid dollars.” “Kid dollars” is money spent that benefits our kids directly. Busing and buildings are important, but we also need the “kid dollars.” Continuation of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) will guarantee this for 10 years.

Passage of this levy will not increase property taxes. The district is asking to continue the current levy at the exact same rate ($1 per $1,000) as was initially approved in April of 2012.

Please cast a yes vote on March 2, to help Western Dubuque continue to be the best it can be.