I am someone who votes for the person. I care about Dubuque County, and I want the best people representing us and working hard for all of Dubuque County. The political party makes no difference to me.

It just so happens Harley Pothoff is a Republican and I, a Democrat, am supporting him. He is the best person for the job and will work hard for all of Dubuque County.

Two of our three supervisors seem to have personal agendas. They do not represent all of Dubuque County. They have created dysfunction many times by refusing to listen to the third supervisor or others. Because of this dysfunction, motions are made and passed, often by a vote of two to one. Yes, they are all Democrats. One of them, Dave Baker, is up for re-election.

But there is a choice. Harley Pothoff has one agenda and that is "For the People."

I know him. He will listen and use common sense. If he doesn't have the answer, he will get it. He cares about the taxpayer and will be mindful of spending county tax dollars. He is respectful to all, including his colleagues. He is a good man and well suited for the job of County Supervisor. He will work hard for all of us.

To the citizens of Dubuque County, vote for the man, not the party and please join me in voting for Harley Pothoff for Dubuque County Supervisor.