When you watch all the riots, looting, burning and tearing down of statues on TV news, you do not see Trump caps or Trump Banners. Therefore, you must conclude the looters, rioters and destroyers of property are made up of the following groups: Liberals, Democrats and Communist sympathizers supported by the likes of George Soros and “fake” news.

You might ask, “Where are the Republicans?” Most of them are working or sleeping so they can go back to work the next day. Someone must pay the bills for all the “free” stuff that is demanded by the Liberals. By the way, in this world, nothing is free except the wind, the rain and the sunshine. In my opinion, if the Democrats could find a way to tax them, they would also tax the above three. They would also create a government agency to control their use.

The Democrats claim the Republicans are “racists,” but the facts do not support this. It was the Southern Democrats who imported slaves to pick their cotton and do other menial tasks. It was a Republican president, along with an aroused North, that freed the slaves. It was the Ku Klux Klan that continued their regime of terror by hanging Blacks for any perceived grievance.

In most of our major cities that have racial problems, high unemployment and ever-burdening debt, you will find the city has been run by Democrats for many years. If you love this country where you grew up free and don’t want it destroyed, vote your heart and support the man who has done great things for this country in the last four years. He has done more for the working people when in office than Biden accomplished in 47 years running around Washington and being paid by the taxpayers. Let us leave this country a better place for our children and grandchildren.

God bless the U.S.A.