I feel compelled to write this letter for all Iowans who have tried to do their part during this pandemic by wearing a mask and socially distancing themselves in public places in the hope of keeping others safe and preventing the spread of this virus.

Our governor has had a different agenda from the start, initially refusing to follow the CDC guidelines or advice from scientists to social distance in public places and limit our gatherings. Our governor only told us all to use our own judgment. Well, we found out that didn’t work; as more people became sick and many have died. Whether a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. This is not a political issue.

Having worked in the healthcare field for many years, I understood the benefit of wearing a mask and social distancing to prevent the spread of an airborne virus. As our state only begins the process of vaccination, our governor now decides to send all the children back to school with no social distancing possible and knowing that our educators have not been fully vaccinated yet. Now our governor decides to open all the bars and restaurants, with no masks or social distancing needed. Someone, please inform our governor the pandemic is not over.

Please, fellow Iowans, do what you know is right to protect others. Because of our governor’s lack of foresight and decency to make the right decisions for our state, we have all suffered.