Note: This letter was delivered to the home of Mayor Jim Heavens before the Jan. 6 Dyersville City Council Meeting.

We are asking that the start date for the X49 project be extended until Aug. 14, 2020, for the following reasons:

The ethanol plant has been in existence for 10-11 years and a one or two month delay will not affect it. In the time frame of a two-year project, this is no time at all.

We have no control over the weather and the best-laid plans can go awry. We saw that way too often in 2019.

Using temporary stoplights on 1st Avenue could back traffic to Hwy 20 or into the city at peak times, so that should not even be considered.

As X49 is the first exit for visitors coming from the west, many will be turning off and then will be confronted with construction if it started before the Aug. 13 game.

Dubuque County is preparing to improve several roads leading to the Field of Dreams Movie Site for visitors from the east. How will it look to them and the pubic if we are in the process of tearing up one of our main thoroughfares into town and the county is spending tax dollars for others?

The safety of our citizens and visitors should be our top priority during this momentous event for our city.

We have talked to numerous people about the prospect of the road project and the consequences are always the same, delay the start until the game date of Aug. 13, 2020.

We want our visitors to have a good experience and remember the good things about our city, not a torn-up street that they got held up in trying to get to and from town.

Sorry, we are not able to attend the meeting tonight. Jerry is not up to it.