“For every shoe that you have tied/ And thoughtful words that instill pride/ For all the sweet things that you do/ To help our children all year through/ For having been there in place of me/ I’m extremely grateful… and will always be!”—Genie Graveline

I found this prayer, excerpted aboved, and thought this really articulated the way I felt each and every time I picked up my son, Quentin, from Aquin’s Little Angels Daycare. I also feel it is a very true testament to what I see when I go to work at the center as a part-time employee this summer.

It is the most reassuring feeling that the tradition of love for these little ones is still going strong, and it has been my pleasure to be one of the many employees of Aquin’s Little Angels. This opportunity has allowed me to “pay it forward” and now be the caregiver who can provide the love for these (your) children the way that Quentin was loved so many years ago.

Quentin is now 15 and anticipating his sophomore year of high school, but we still often reminisce about all of the good times he had playing and learning with his friends at daycare. 

Since then, the daycare center has seen many changes. These changes, in my opinion, have all been extremely positive changes that have provided exceptional care of our children, impacted the recruitment to our schools and have allowed our community to continue to flourish.

The center has seen changes in employees but has always succeeded in employing some of the community’s most caring and loving adults and young adults. The center has also seen changes in directors, but again, the directors have always been incredible and compassionate women who truly love kids.

The center has also seen many changes in families. Although they are diverse, they all have one priority that unifies them. They all want the best care for their children.

So now is the time to make the physical changes that are necessary to continue this tradition of love for our children. Now is the time I’m asking all of you former daycare parents, current daycare parents/grandparents, hopeful parents, alumni of Cascade High School, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends of our “Little Angels” to consider donating to our cause.