This letter is in response to last week’s letter headlined “Willenborg will get Dyersville back on track.”

On Dec. 6, 2006, all citizens of Dyersville received a card from the city of Dyersville Water Department. Our drinking water had exceeded the maximum level for radium. The card said that some people had some risk of getting cancer if they drank it over many years. If we were concerned we should consult our doctor. The state standard for radium is 5 pCi/L. On Nov. 16, 2006, it was 5.7. On Sept. 4, 2015, it was 6.4. It was not until Mayor Haas took office two years ago, that this issue was prioritized and now steps are in place to solve the problem.

After five years, our young children, hopefully, can soon walk to Dyersville Elementary school safely. This issue was prioritized after Mayor Haas took office.

Obviously, more people are feeling like they are a part of this town and thus have a right to state how they would like to see it run. This is evidenced by the large attendance at the City Council meetings.

Yes, our town has accomplished many things, but Mayor Haas has accomplished two very, very important ones: “Our health and our safety.”

We need to stay on the right track.