If you’ve been on social media lately you can’t help but see photos of people you know who have aged considerably. It’s done with an app (that’s short for application for you non-tech types) called Face App. Apparently, you can take a photo of yourself and the app ages you.

It’s not for me.

There are several reasons it’s not for me, among them my lack of talent when it comes to most things technology related. I’m sure you think since I know that app is short for application that I am a techno wiz. I am not.

Another reason I’m against Face App is that I don’t need an app to look old. At 60 years of age with a head of white hair, I’ve been able to achieve old age looks the natural way. Some of my friends have taken to calling me the “Silver Fox” because of my hair. Sure, it’s taken me six decades to achieve it, but I did it without a smartphone, Snapchat, Instagram or the aforementioned app.

Over the years, if I needed an affirmation as to my age and looks, all I had to do was hang out in places or events with younger people. Nothing ages you quite like that. I offer the following examples:

• When my daughter Eileen was in high school, she decided she needed to take me shopping for new blue jeans, for me, not her. I won’t name the store, but she took me to a place where the high school crowd and college crowd shopped for jeans. I was clearly the oldest person in the store. Trust me, I looked old. For the record, we did buy jeans for me at the store. I wore them. They didn’t make me feel younger and as much as they cost, I couldn’t mow the lawn in them.

• I took Eileen to an Aaron Carter concert once. There must have been 3,000 10-year-olds at the show. I looked like the oldest guy there. It was hot and I wasn’t wearing blue jeans that day. But I did have on blue jean shorts. I don’t see the younger crowd wearing those anywhere around these days. For the record, I still have my pair at home.

• I do like to attend concerts and am attending a music festival later this summer. It will be three days of music and camping. There won’t be many 60-year-olds at the festival. I’ve been to this festival for the last two years. Both years there was a young, bronze god of a man there who I named “loincloth guy” because, well, he walked around the entire weekend wearing just a leopard skin loincloth. You don’t easily forget something like that. I’m sure he’ll be there this year. To be honest, after seeing him, I wonder what I would look like in a loincloth.

As you can see, I don’t need Face App to make me look old. But if you aren’t convinced about that, I’ll see if I can get a photo of me with loincloth guy in a couple of weeks.

Just in case you can’t tell the difference between us, I’ll be the silver fox rocking the jean shorts.