While many movies have sequels, “Field of Dreams” never did. Until this week, that is. The MLB at Field of Dreams Game presented by GEICO at the field built next to the movie site is, in a way, the sequel to the film.

And what a sequel it should be. A Major League Baseball game played for the first time in Dyersville. That makes the town and area, in baseball terms, a rookie.

But rookies have years of hard work and dedication behind them when they make the show. It’s much the same here. A lot of work by a lot of people has made the game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox a reality.

Our thanks go out to city, county and state officials who have worked tirelessly to make this game a reality. Our gratitude goes out to those same officials for not giving up on the game when COVID-19 postponed it a year ago.

Thanks also goes to the people at the Field of Dreams Movie Site, including Roman Weinberg, director of operations at Go The Distance Baseball. They have been planning this event since MLB made its initial announcement over two years ago. Truth be known, the late Denise Stillman, former owner of the Field, had the dream of an MLB game at the Field years ago. She has to be looking down and smiling this week.

While not everyone was able to get tickets to the game, area residents may still take advantage and enjoy the things the city has lined up around town. Whether it’s the free concert featuring Maddie and Tae at Dyersville Commercial Club Park, any of the events at Westside Park or City Square, the If You Build It exhibit downtown or the official viewing of the Yankee/ White Sox game Thursday night at City Square, we encourage you to create memories of these special few days.

There will be a lot of people in town, many of them here for the first time. Let’s all do our part to show them what makes Dyersville and northeast Iowa so special. That’s something we are pretty good at doing.

The making of “Field of Dreams” in 1988 took most of the summer. And that was after an extensive search for that perfect-looking farmhouse, the visits to the Lansing and Ameskamp families asking to use their fields to shoot the film and the countless other details that needed to be worked through before any scenes were shot.

It’s safe to say nobody saw the lasting impact the movie would have on generations of families. Now, 32 years after the release of the film, Major League Baseball has found its way to Dyersville.

There could be a lot of scenes from the film that could be used to explain how Dyersville responds to MLB coming to town. One that seems to fit is when Doc Graham walks toward the corn after he’s saved Ray Kinsella’s daughter from choking. He had gotten his shot to bat in the big leagues. As he was leaving, Shoeless Joe Jackson yells to him, “Hey Rookie, you were good.”

Dyersville got their shot at the major leagues just like Doc Graham. We’re betting MLB will feel the same way about Dyersville and let us know that, “Hey Rookie, you were good.”

It makes us wonder if MLB could return in future years.

Maybe there’s another sequel here after all.

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