With Governor Kim Reynolds loosening restrictions on all 99 counties last week, we expect Iowans to come out and take advantage of the governor’s decree. No doubt we will see Iowans in hair and nail salons, gymnasiums, retail stores and restaurants.

The governor still hasn’t lifted restrictions on casinos and bars and we suspect the earliest she will decide on those entities will be the end of the month.

We understand Iowans want to get back out in public and resume some semblance of normalcy. But until a vaccine is successfully developed, it’s going to be a while before we get back to the normal we had before the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of us will need to be responsible in our decisions about going out in public and supporting our local businesses. Those decisions may very well determine if we are successful in lessening the spread of the virus.

We urge everyone to continue to practice the following measures:

• If you are feeling ill or are running a fever, stay home. Monitor your symptoms and contact your health professional by phone to discuss your symptoms.

• If it is possible to do your shopping without bringing the entire family into a grocery store or retail store, try to do that.

• Wear a mask when you are out in public. Remember, the mask protects others from you.

• Cover your cough or sneeze.

• Wash your hands.

• Continue to practice social distancing.

As people begin to come back out to businesses, respect the decisions of the businessowners. One store may be open, but another isn’t ready to open yet. If a business requires you to wear a mask while you are in their store, do it. You don’t fuss when a place requires shoes and a shirt for service. You put the shoes and shirt on. Do the same with a mask.

Relaxing the restrictions doesn’t mean Iowa is wide open. Gatherings of 10 or less are still in place.

We have been limited in our movements because of the virus for two months. The weather is getting nice outside. It kind of feels like we have been through a second winter if you will. Only this one feels like it was much longer.

While it might seem like the time to cut loose with family and friends, the risk is still too great. Continue to be patient. Follow the rules. Proceed with caution.

This virus isn’t going away when the weather turns hot. Listen to health professionals and not politicians. Don’t take what you read on social media as gospel. If you have questions, call your health professional.

Continue to look after one another. Slowly and surely, we will get through this — together.

— The “Our Opinion” column is the consensus of the editorial board. For information or comments, contact a member of the board: Beth Lutgen, Mary Ungs-Sogaard or Mike Putz