On Monday, Dec. 21, the Dyersville City Council is holding a public hearing to construct a sidewalk/path from Westside Park to Dyersville Elementary through the green space behind Mercy Medical Center-Dyersville. 

The Council is set on this route despite the following negative issues. 

• The sidewalk passes within 15 feet of homeowners’ patios and bedrooms, denying homeowners backyard privacy. It hurts property values just as the sidewalk proposed three years ago would have on the southeast side of Dyersville.  

• The sidewalk will be running through an isolated area screened by trees, causing a safety concern.  

• The route requires lighting which will add considerable expense.

• Bikers, strollers, skateboarders … will be on the same sidewalk the Ellen Kennedy and Oak Crest residents currently utilize.

• At the first hearing in November, every person that spoke was against the proposed route.  

• The route faces legal action by the property owners.

There is a common sense alternative —run the sidewalk/path west along Ninth Avenue to Seventh Street.  The path would then cross Seventh Street and run past the funeral home to the school.  There are many advantages to this route.

• The sidewalk would be in the homeowners’ front yards where a sidewalk belongs. 

• It would run along Ninth Avenue so there would be no concerns/issues regarding safety.

• There would be no need for additional lighting because it runs along the street.

• It preserves the walkways around the Ellen Kennedy Center for its residents. 

• Ninth Avenue is already heavily utilized by walkers.

• There is no known opposition to this route, so there would be no legal action taken.  In fact, the residents considering legal action on the proposed route are agreeable to having the Ninth Avenue route on their properties.

• This route is less expensive.  The sidewalks on the west side of  Seventh Street are installed by the property owners as required by the developer’s specs, which are at no cost to the city.  

We urge those who will use this proposed sidewalk/path to attend the Dec. 21 meeting.  If you agree that the Ninth Avenue route is a less expensive, safe alternative, please express your concerns with the proposed route at the hearing.