What I have learned since Obama took office about truth and honesty:

If you like your doctor—you can keep him.

Benghazi was the result of an insulting movie made by an American.

Your health insurance will go down.

You do not cross the “red” line or there will be consequences.

Clinton pushed the “reset” button with Russia.

Obama said he did not have the right to allow illegals by constitutional law.

Health insurance companies will be accountable for their costs.


Many people lost their doctor because of Obamacare.

Military experts said it was a planned attack by extremists and not because of a movie.

Wellmark has approached Iowa to allow a 26 percent increase on Obama-compliant plans for 2016.

Syria crossed the “red” line many times and Obama just kept talking.

Russia took over Crimea.

Obama by executive order allowed illegals and told ICE to not deport.

Co-Opportunity Health has cost the taxpayers 145.2 million and will cost another 80 million.Wellmark is asking for a 26 percent plus increase in 2016.

Based on the items above, I don’t see any reason to trust what is said by our President. I know he can give a “great” speech, but I question the truth in what he says. We have now passed over 18 trillion of debt to our children. It was 10.6 trillion when he took office.