By James Gaffney, Glendale, Ariz.

It seems that Randy Evans seems to have a problem differentiating between tax cuts and budget cuts (June 13, 2018). According to Forbes Magazine, which I trust a little more than Mr. Evans, when it comes to economics, “In simple terms, when taxes are cut, Federal revenue has a very strong tendency to rise! And when taxes are raised, government revenue has a strong tendency to fall.”

The next time you find yourself engaged in this debate and someone tells you that taxes must be raised to pay down the debt, you can refer them to this article. In conclusion, as JFK, Reagan, and George W. Bush understood, reducing taxes has a stimulative effect on economic activity which leads to an increase in government receipts.”

Why Mr. Evans wants you to believe that the economic tendencies would reverse themselves, at the state level, as opposed to the federal level, is dubious, at best. There, I didn’t need any sob story to make my point.