I am dedicating our 2015 Christmas toy project in memory of Rose Putz who passed away Oct. 29, 2015, because she came to the toy shop in our basement to make children happy on Christmas Day.

Words of praise must be uttered to this community and neighboring towns for their continued support of our toy project. Every day during 2015, there was a lot of activity with goods moving in and out of our garage.

Please remember my two rules at this time of the year: I need a phone call before you come with donations, and no used items from Thanksgiving until after the new year please. My phone is (563) 875-8743.

I will compose a wish list:

• Paper products—toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, paper plates

• Cleaning products

• Laundry, dish and hand soap

• Deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss

• School supplies, markers, notebook paper, pens, pencils

• Gloves for the entire family, especially men’s work gloves

• Gifts for moms—candles, lotions, towels

• Underwear for the whole family

• Games and movies for the entire family, toys

If you have extra Christmas decorations, I need them for families who do not have any decorations because it would brighten their holidays.

May the Christ Child bless you, as He has blessed me by your continued support in a great work of mercy, love and caring for our neighbors who are hurting on any given day.