Lisa Towers

When I first started in TV commercial production in the mid-80s, commercials were conservative and straightforward. Products were presented in a pristine light.

As television and mass communication grew, the audiences’ threshold for stimulation grew. Suddenly, the flavor of the day was “outrageous.” It continues to this day, with some TV commercials leaving you to wonder what product was even advertised. Advertisers bank on the audience remembering the commercial more than the product itself.

Now, presidential candidate Donald Trump has beanstalked to the top of the Republican polls on the coat-tails of the shock-value media era—the more outrageous the better. 

He has trumped all others in the race with this technique. He has even incorporated rude and bullying behavior into his brilliant megalomaniac scheme to succeed. 

In true narcissistic fashion, it appears that he couldn’t care less what people think of him. He thumbs his nose at all critics. His hair is proof. Jokes about his hair are old news now, and the Donald won that one. The strange wispy veil stayed, despite a tide of jokes, and no one seems to notice it anymore. 

His campaign approach, since he has no political experience other than serving on boards of directors, involves insulting, belittling and name-calling.

Trump is where he is by virtue of the fact that he can afford it. He sure didn’t work his way to the top of the political heap. He clearly doesn’t know how to do it, but someone’s enjoying the show, according to monkey surveys. 

Trump has proven that he will throw anyone under the bus in a New York minute. Do we want him calling Putin “stupid”?  

I think all the attention lavished on Trump feeds his control of the message. We need to ignore him. Certainly stop voting for him in random polls. Are people serious when they vote for Trump in polls, or do they just enjoy the show and want it to last?

Is the race to the White House really going to be about who is the most obnoxious? It’s great for comedians, but at some point, we have to get real. There are some good candidates in the Republican party. But will they survive the spectacle of Trump?