Almost Famous inferno

Almost Famous production dancers: front from left, Rhias McQuillen, Izabella Austin, Breleigh Freye, Ireland Rea, Miriam Telleen, Kenzie Babbe, Chyles Rea, Paisley Ploessl, Sophie Meyer, Mila Oliphant, Sophia Jellison, Letti Galloway and Finley Hunt; second row, Penelope Fransen, Jillian Miller, Avayah Jennerjohn, Maggie Hunt, Skylar Freeze, Claire Oliphant, Isla Stoneking, Saige Freeze, Lydia Walsh, Harper Hein, Haddie Foxen and MaKenna Behrends; third row, Whitney Long, Tessa Intorf, Marlee Chapman, Kaylee Hollenback, Alaina Mead, Taylor Salow, Lauren Mitchel, Kendal Jacobi, Carly Manternach, Kelsey Kremer, Emma Kramer and Elsie Manternach; fourth row, Sadie Erion, Madison Ward, Arrianna Jones, Lucy Hawkins, Cheyenne Byrd, Kendra Davis, Addie Feldmann, Seneca Freeze, Bree Erion, Myra Wilson, Cameron Vargason, Claire Tuetken, Leah Smith and Morgan Ward; back row, Jessica Smock, Kinzey Bottelman, Samantha Recker, Allie Riches and Kelsey Adams.

The competition dance team from Almost Famous Dance and Gymnastics recently fared well at the Inferno dance competition in Cedar Rapids, April 29 to May 1.

Team/duo place finishes: first — “Scooby Doo,” “Try,” “Dangerous,” “Biblical,” “Once Upon a Princess” (Artistic Excellence Award), “Yacht Club Swing” (Artistic Excellence Award) and “Seniors 2022;” second — “Life Moves On,” “Ne Me Quitte Pas,” “Manipulation,” Wind Up” and “Walk This Way;” third — “Time After Time” and “Voice of God” (Artistic Excellence Award, nominated as Routine on Fire); fourth — “Can’t Do It Alone” and “Ayo” and fifth — Arri Jones.

Team/duo ratings for those that did not place: elite platinum — “I’ll Never Love Again,” “Word Up” and “Mama Knows Best” (Artistic Excellence Award); platinum — “Hero,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “Women Be Wise” and “Done for Me Lately.”

Solo grand overall place finishes: second — Paisley Ploessel.

Solo place finishes: first — Annie Schlarmann, Paisley Ploessel and Haddie Foxen (Title Standout Improv Winner); second — Allie Riches (lyrical), Penelope Fransen and Jillian Miller; third — Lucy Hawkins; fifth — Leah Smith (lyrical) and Kenzie Babbe; sixth — Jessia Smock (lyrical), Addie Feldmann, Kinzey Bottelman (lyrical), Kaylin Noll and Kaylee Hollenback; seventh — Bri Neuhaus (jazz), Morgan Ward and Madison Ward; eighth — Maggie Hunt; ninth — Kelsey Adams; 10th — Claire Tuetken and Myra Wilson; 11th — Avayah Jennerjohn; 12th — Cameron Vargason (Judge’s Choice) and Alaina Mead; 13th — Lydia Walsh and Sadie Erion; and 14th — Kendall Jacobi.

Solo ratings for those who did not place: elite platinum — Sammy Recker and Leah Smith (contemporary); platinum — Kendra Davis (lyrical and musical), Jessica Smock (open), Kinzey Bottelman (contemporary, received Judge’s Choice), Bri Neuhaus (lyrical), Bree Erion, Chyles Rea, Sophia Jellison, Elsie Manternach, Laurie Mitchel, Saige Freeze, Skylar Freeze, Carly Manternach, Emma Kramer, Kelsey Kramer, Seneca Freeze and Tessa Intorf; high gold — Ireland Rea, Allie Riches (jazz) and Cheyenne Byrd.

Almost Famous received a “Studio on Fire” Award, which goes to the studio with the most well-rounded dancers and who had the best sportsmanship.

The competition team is under the direction of Hackney and Melissa Ehrisman

“We are so proud of each and every one of our students and we are so excited for our national competition coming up in June,” the coaches said.