Earning a top 10-placing at the state-qualifying meet highlighted this Beckman boys’ cross country season.

Coach Tyson Squiers termed it “overall a very successful season. We came into the spring meeting with a lot more interest than previous years and building a bigger roster is a huge part of building a program. Summer training went very well and we consistently had the majority of the teams attending each week. We continued to improve during the season, as did our finish places and rankings. I don’t think there was any disappointment in this season.”

Squiers bid goodbye to several seniors — Devin Burlage, Cassius McGrane, Auden Recker, Ryan Schlarmann, Erik Koopmann and Sheldon Corkery.

“These seniors have been a huge part of the program’s success the past few years. Many of them were eighth-graders when I took the job and I really appreciate the dedication they’ve shown since then. Cassius was our team captain and he and the rest of the seniors were always willing to lean a hand. They will be missed next season.”

There were six names added to the Beckman all-time list this season, two of them from the boys’ team. Sophomore Jacob Schlarmann took over third on the list and now holds the fastest time of any athlete

Squiers has coached (18:50). Junior Joe Schneider claims the eighth spot (19:27) and has shown marked improvement over his years of running.

“Because our team was young this season, many of the times run by the athletes are from first-ever runners. With experience, they will get a better understanding of how the 5K race works as well as how the training connects with it. They will improve their times over a season pretty rapidly and will be successful as the times go down. They are learning that a runner needs to put the sport first, at least during the season, and do all the little things that are necessary for success.

“The future is really bright for Beckman cross country. We are losing some veteran runners but we have some strong underclassmen. Our junior high boys won a number of meets this season and were led by some strong eighth-grade runners. I’m confident they will not only race well next year but may be some of our fastest varsity runners. The jump from two miles to 5K can be a lot but I think they will adapt and do very well. There is still room to improve and build upon, some things we can improve. We will look to extend our summer and off-season training in hopes of building a stronger foundation.

“Cross country can be a very rewarding sport and you have the opportunity to share your success with the entire team. Everyone runs the same course, whether you are the meet champion or in last place. You are step for step with everyone else out there. There’s a great camaraderie in that. It’s something very unique to our sport. I’m very excited about the fantastic 2021 we had and look forward to a better 2022.”

Individual season-best times of the team: Jacob Schlarmann 18:50, Schneider 19:27, Spencer Rea 20:17, Parker Domeyer 20:30, Corkery 20:54, Recker 21:11, John Paul Grebner 21:25, McGrane 21:50, Koopman 21:52, Shawn Brunsman 21:55, Ryan Schlarmann 21:57, Isaac Westhoff 22:40, Burlage 22:43, Andrew Salrin 22:55, Zach Helle 25:26 and Ean Brown 27:21.