From the beginning of the game and the first touchdown five minutes later, the Beckman football team controlled its game with Anamosa, Sept. 3, at home and won, 38-0.

The Blazers stuck the Raiders at the 19-yard line in their first series and, barring a holding call, would have taken the ball with less than two minutes gone. With the reprieve, the Raiders moved to their own 37 before having to punt away.

Riding the capable legs of Owen Huehnergarth, the Blazers pounded down the field in five carries and took advantage of a facemask call at the end of a Huehnergarth run that put them at the one-yard line. He punched in for the first tally with 7:28 left in the first quarter. Logan Burchard made the first of his five PATs and the Blazers led, 7-0.

Twice more in that first frame, they scored, each time on long passes from Cayden Gassmann to first, Conner Grover and then, less than a minute later, to Lane Kramer. The completions were for 34 and 49 yards and gave them a 21-0 lead to end the first quarter.

That holding call bugaboo jumped up and bit the Blazers when they re-took possession early in the second quarter. Back-to-back calls stuck them at the 19 but Gassmann answered with throws to Grover and Luke Schieltz to dig out of the hole. Huehnergarth added another 15 yards before Gassmann hit Elliot Naughton for a 15-yard tally with 5:59 on the clock.

They were good for one more before the half ended, another Gassmann-to-Grover connection when he found him open in the front corner of the end zone for a 24-yard score to set the clock moving when the teams came back out, 35-0.

The Blazers had the ball to begin the third and put together a long fast-clock-eating series that ended in a Burchard field goal from the 33, making the final tally 38-0.

Reserves played the fourth quarter for the Blazers. On their first drive, they settled for a field goal attempt despite a big 27-yard pass completion from TJ Thier to Johan Platel that moved them to the Raider 37. And then came another holding call, forcing Burchard to eventually try from the 42. It missed.

Coach Mark Atwater added, “It was a good night all around for us. As a coach, you are always happy when you can get out in front like that and your team’s confidence seems to be locked in. They didn’t take their focus off the game or allow themselves to relax. That was a big deal and helped us get some of those other guys in the game who don’t always get a chance to play a lot.

“Offensively, we showed we have more than a rush game. Cayden did some great things throwing the ball and our receivers showed their ability to get open. But as always our run game will set up that passing attack. Owen runs hard and all those guys up front work extremely hard.

“Defensively, we were stingy all night. They gave up very few yards and we were able to get the shutout. They played very physically and Anamosa wasn’t able to get into any type of rhythm.

“This next week will be another big test. Monticello is a talented and well-coached team. I think this group will be excited for another big challenge.”

Beckman’s leaders were: passing — Gassmann 6-of-12 for 150 yards and four TDs, to Grover, 3-for-63, Kramer 1-for-49, Schieltz 1-for 24 and Naughton 1-for-14; rushing — Huehnergarth 20-for-123, Gassmann 5-for-24, Schieltz 2-for-24, Gavin Davis 1-for-7; kick returns –Schieltz 3-for-24; punts – Max Mullis 1-for-6; tackles — Nick Wulfekuhle four (three solo), Oakley Harbaugh 3.5 (two), Naughton 2.5 (one), Grover, Ben Lueck and Alex Hageman two (two), Burchard, Mullis and Davis 1.5 (one), Platel and Luke Harwick one (one), Huehnergarth and Brett Burlage one, Gassmann, Michael Dinan, Kramer, Wyatt Schulte, Jason Koopmann, Luke Boge, Ryan Funke and Joe Engler 0.5.