Ten members of the Beckman football team were recently recognized after the Blazers’ fourth-place finish in Class 1A, District 4. Sean Kluesner, Trent Koelker, Owen Huehnergarth and Riley Fangman were first-team all-district honorees. Nick Offerman, Jacob Sadler and Tom Jaeger were named to the second team. Bennett English and Will Brehm were honorable mention, while Evan Wulfekuhle received the Golden Award. The complete team follows.

Most Valuable Player of the Year Awards: offensive skill player — Trey Eagle, West Branch; offensive lineman — Caden Wendt, North Cedar; defensive lineman — Jeff Bowie, West Branch; defensive skill player — Tanner Lukavsky, West Branch; kicker — Cale Fiderlein, West Branch; punter — Dakota Stevenson, Northeast; returner — Tanner Simon, Cascade; utility — Gavin Hierseman, West Branch.

Coach of the Year: Butch Pedersen, West Branch.

First team (by school): West Branch — Matt Paulsen, Cameron Howsare and Dalyn Pedersen; Bellevue — Luke Giesemann, Isaac Carter, Ben Parker, Max Jackson, Jacob Waller and Colby Sieverding; Cascade — Alex Aitchison, Colby Holmes, Ben Miller and Kaleb Topping; Beckman — Kluesner, Koelker, Huehnergarth and Fangman; North Cedar — Ethan Sahr, Tyler Thurston and Kael Unruh; Northeast — Dakota Stevenson, Atzin Dondiego and Cade Huges.

Second team (by school): West Branch — Wyatt Goodale, Cael Fiderlein and Morgan Hartz; Bellevue — Justin Carrier, Jacob Whitmore and Ty Strowder; Cascade — Isaac Hogan, Simon and Ted Weber; Beckman — Offerman, Sadler and Jaeger; North Cedar — Gage Walshire, Brady Burcum and Brody Hawtrey; Northeast — Liam Maze,Ty Schmidt and Ethan Snyder.

Honorable mention (by school): West Branch — Dakota Kaalberg and Jack Robertson; Bellevue — Logan Manders and Paxton Felderman; Cascade — Isaac Delarosa and Jose Nava; Beckman — English and Brehm; North Cedar — Brennan Kreel and Jacob Sander; Northeast — Traey McAleer and Kenny King.

Golden Award (first team player who missed time due to injury) — Wulfekuhle, Beckman.