A busy week of competing saw Beckman at two cross country meets last week —Clayton Ridge and Monticello.

At Clayton Ridge Sept. 5, the girls placed fourth overall and the boys were sixth. Kee High took the girls meet with 32 points and five of the top nine individual runners. Central Community was second 47, followed by Sumner-Fredericksburg 62, BHS 113, Alburnett 142, MFL-Mar Mac 143, Clayton Ridge 180, Edgewood-Colesburg 213 and Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton 252.

Emma Squiers paced the Blazers with a12th place finish (21:34), Nicole Schmitt was next 18th (23:17), followed by Isabelle Kluesner 22nd (24:12), Addie McDermott 30th (24:49) and Olivia Their 31st (24:58). Also running varsity were Josephine Smith 36th (25:38) and Sophia Schuster 37th (25:47).

Central’s Ciera Deitchler won the race with a time of 20:03.

For the boys, Southwester/Cuba City/Benton took the title with 19 points and five of the top seven runners. Second went to Alburnett 91, followed by Sumner-Fredericksburg 101, Kee 121, Central 125, BHS 132, Clayton Ridge 154 and MFL MarMac 173.

Leading the Blazers were Eric Recker 10th (19:05), Danil Kobusch 18th (19:53), Kurt Koopmann 32nd (20:42), Isaac Schlarmann 38th (21:52) and Marcus Schneider 39th (22:00). Also running were Luke and Sam Oberbroeckling 51st (26:03) and 55th (29:09).

Ed-Co’s Jacob Wessel took the title with a time of 17:34.

Coach Tyson Squiers added, “We showed our season improvement. Eric medaled with a 10th place. The entire boys team continues to make tremendous improvement from previous years. We are learning to work together in races and, even though cross country can be very individual, running with our teammates can be very motivating.

“The girls placed fourth for the varsity and the JV team won their race. Our pack running was fantastic throughout the race. Everyone is finding their rhythm.”

The JV girls won with a total of 34 points, topping S-F 44 and Central 51. Lauren Shaull was 3rd (26:01), followed by Jackie Olberding 5th (26:15), Cambrie Willenbring 7th (26:55), Claire Grebner 8th (27:01) and Katie Fitzgerald 11th (27:52). Anika Brehm was 12th (28:09), followed by Megan Ertl 13th (29:38), Haley Hirsch 14th (29:38), Lexie Ehrlich 20th (30:56) and Savanah Oberbroeckling 27th (35:37).

Anya Westhoff placed 27th in the middle school race with a time of 18:33 and the boys team won with 31 points, to defeat Kee 41 and Central 50. Ty Rausch paced the middle school boys team with 5th (13:29), followed by Auden Recker 6th (13:25), Padraig Gallagher 8th (13:28), Brady Bockenstedt 14th (14:30) and Noah Boge 16th (14:41). Also running were Cassius McGrane 24th (15:36), Devin Burlage 25th (15:38), Jackson Oberbroeckling 26th (15:46), Keaton Willenbring 29th (16:19), Aiden Wessels 33rd (16:49), Landon Recker 34th (17:01), Sam Krapfl 35th (17:14), Sheldon Corkery 36th(17:34) and Joe Hermsen (19:06).

At Monticello Sept. 9, the girls placed eighth and the boys 10th in team standings. Mid-Prairie took the title with 36 points and the top two finishers, Marie and Anna Hostetler (18:26, 19:04). Second was Monticello 62, followed by Anamosa 81, Western Dubuque 123, Springville-Central City 130, CPU 147, Tipton 190, Beckman 206 and Wilton 224.

Squiers again led the girls with a 21st place (22:30). Schmitt was next 37th (23:4)7, followed by Kluesner 54th (25:41), McDermott 55th (26:10), and Their 56th (26:12). Schuster placed 60th (27:04) and Smith 61st (27:08).

On the boys side, it was Tipton with 58, followed by Mid-Prairie 76, CPU 85, Anamosa 101, Western Dubuque 105, Monticello 149, Maquoketa Valley 168, Wilton 168, Springville-central City 248, Beckman 325 and Clayton Ridge 339. Miles Bach of CPU took another individual title, this time running 16:52.

For the Blazers, it was Eric Recker 59th (21:18), Kurt Koopmann 62nd (21:51), Schlarmann 63rd (22:11), Schneider 70th (25:09), and Luke Oberbroeckling 71st (25:50). Sam Oberbroeckling placed 74th (28:28).

“This was a very competitive field,” added coach Squiers, “and the runners kept their heads in the race, running very consistently. Our largest improvement over last year was Isaac, over three minutes. Luke Oberbroeckling has a season PR and Kurt Koopmann was over a minute faster than last year.

“For the girls, our previous times from last year were shattered this time around. Several girls finished more than a minute faster, including Nicole Schmitt and Emma Squiers, who lost over three minutes. Several JV runners improved over a minute —Hailey Hirsch, Claire Grebner, Lexie Ehrlich and Jadon Corkery (two minutes).”

For the JV girls, the tea, total of 212 placed seventh, above Maquoketa Valley. Runners included Grebner 58th (28:37), Hirsch 85th (32:11), Brehm 88th (32:29), Ehrlich 89th 332:57) Corkery 97th (36:09) and Savanah Oberbroeckling 100th (38:06).

Junior high boys placed fifth with 142 and got a 17th place from Auden Recker (13:52), 45th from Boge (15:26), 50th from Wessels (16:14), 51st from McGrane (16:14), 54th from Bockenstedt (16:18), 57th from Landon Recker (16:27), 58th from Willenbring (16:35), 62nd from Sam Krapfl (17:09), and 72nd from Sheldon Corkery (18:28),

“We had some big kicks at the end from Cassius and Keaton,” added coach Squiers. “It’s always great to see athletes give it their all in the home stretch.”