Fourteen foursomes participated in the annual Lions Best Shot/Big Cup Golf Tournament, Sept. 20 at the Dyersville Golf & Country Club.

Winners of the event, via tiebreaker, were the foursome of Matt Ungs, Jeremy Olberding, Jake Westhoff and Beau Ellingson, shooting 53 and knotted with runners-up Ric Willenborg, Brent Hinerichsen, Adam Huehnergarth and Jerry Weydert.

In the first flight, 57s took the win, from the foursome of Paul Ahern, Jeff Wieneke, Dan Zitelman and Dave Steger and the group with Elliot Salter, Ethan Brehm, Craig Kramer and Brock Morris.

Taking the second flight with 61 was Tom Brokaw, Tom Brokaw, Jr. Tom Barkema and Andy Manternach. Shooting one of two 63s, for second, were Dave Schroeder, Dan Meyer, Charles Beckett and Cam Kolle.

Flag winners for the front nine were No. 1 — Mike Decker, No. 3 — Tom Brokaw, No. 7 — Meredith Flattery, No.9 — Fred Deutmeyer. For the back nine, No. 1 — John Lehman, No. 3 — Flattery. No. 7 —Steve Willenbring, No. 9 — Jerry Weydert.