Chance Maiers claimed the title of the annual Men’s City Tournament July 14.

Chance Maiers fired a solid 135 (66-69) to claim his fifth Dyersville Men’s City Tournament golf title in the last seven years, ending with play Sunday at Rolling Knolls.

The 135 total has been a lucky one for Maiers. He fired identical numbers for the last three titles he won, the last coming in 2017. “That was also the year I started playing in the morning and the wins have been somewhat easier that way,” said Maiers. “It’s kind of like I can go out there, shoot a number and then let everyone else try to match it. It kind of takes the pressure off.”

Maiers held a five-stroke lead after play Saturday at the Dyersville Golf & Country Club. Brent Hinerichsen, last year’s champ, was in second at 71. Both golfers shot higher totals Sunday at Rolling Knolls and Maiers won with a 135-144 margin.

“I am not playing as much golf this summer so I went into the tournament without very high expectations, “added Maiers. “But I played pretty good golf. I hit 14 of 18 greens both days which definitely brings the birdies into play. I was very happy with yesterday’s total. I went low and let everybody chase it.”

Hinerichsen claimed second overall, followed by Bob Olberding 145, Tyler Engelken and Dan Rubner 147.

Taking the first flight, with 157 in a tiebreaker was Cory Rubner, followed by Matt Oberbroeckling. Third went to Larry Wilson,158, fourth and fifth to Rick Engelken and Todd Steffen, 159.

Top five in the second flight were Rob Blush, Dennis Roling and Shawn Deutmeyer 168, Adam McElmeel 169 and Dan Martin 171.

In the third flight, the top-five included Andy Foxen 179, Bill Digmann 180, Dan Olberding, Duane Bildstein and Kevin Knipper 181.

Fourth flight went to Dave Olberding 190, followed by Brian Fettkether 191, Sam Oberbroeckling and Charlie Beckett 192 and Austin Stitzman 199.

Skins winners from Saturday were Fred Benn birdie No. 1, Maiers birdie No. 2, Cory Rubner eagle No. 7, Ron Boeckenstedt birdie No. 11, Ryan White eagle No. 14 and Mark Wessels birdie No. 17. Sunday winners were Tom Boge birdie No. 5, Wilson birdie No. 6, Terry Recker eagle No. 8, Tyler Engelken birdie No. 11 and Wessels birdie No. 18.