Students from the Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics recently competed at USTA Power Tumbling Meets in Oskaloosa and Ellsworth.

Nov. 21, the Moser School competed in Osklaloosa where there were 11 teams entered with around 230 athletes competing throughout the day.

Makayla Gasper, Hannabelle Erickson, Megan Pierschbacher, Miya Pitz, Madelyn Troester, Tucker Erickson, Avery Brown, Aaliyah Corcoran, Laura Pierschbacher, Caleb Crane, Lucas Sadewasser, Madelyn Bockenstedt, Adalyn Ostrander, Summer Haas, Lucy Scherbring, Greyson Manning, Ruby West, Katie Lueck, Hadlee Erickson, Jada Honkomp, Vivian Honkomp. Imogen Milroy, Canaan Corcoran, Kamden Ostrander and Jovie Felton all brought home first-place trophies.

Additional place finishers were: second — Libby Knipper, Kennedi Bevans, Ella Digmann, Autumn Domeyer, Elizabeth Recker, Myra Peyton, Lainey Payne, Hannah Crane, Emi Harmon, McKinley Wulfekuhle, Claire Manning, Rachel Kaufman, Jadin Stephenson and Taylor McAllister; third — Isabel Lutgen, Allysa Sadwasser, Claire Jaeger, Keely Recker, Adalyn Monk, Makenna Behrends, Mckynzie Strickell, Kalei Pederson, Derbi Holt, Olivia Pasker, Brendall Recker and Delanie Holt; fourth — Ahnalynn Rave, Jessica Kracke, Grace Pederson and Kinleigh Smock; fifth — Lily Hall, Lindsay Ruchti and Brylynn Recker; sixth — Kenley Scholbrock; seventh — Malin Phelps, Brooklynn Cline, Aubrey Oakland and Natalie Drees; eighth — Jewel Hemry.

The Moser School was back in action in Ellsworth, Dec. 12, where 12 teams and 300 athletes competed.

Annie Gulick, Megan Pierschbacher, Ella Digmann, Miya Pitz, Mya Reittinger, Autumn Domeyer, Elizabeth Recker, Mallory McElmeel, Lailah Moyle, Lainey Payne, Caleb Crane, Hannah Crane, Adalyn Monk, Paige Vaske, Adalyn Ostrander, Brooklynn Cline, McKinley Wulfekuhle, Lucy Scherbring, Sutton Smith, Colton Wissmiller, Brynn Hageman, Olivia Weston, Katie Lueck, Rosalie Blahnik, Aubrey Oakland, Sylvia Kramer, Scarlett Benesh, Ellison Wissmiller, Jeffrey Breier, Myles Payne, Kamden Ostrander, Arianna Pottebaum, Delanie Holt and Kylie Martin all earned first-place finishes.

Additional place finishers were: second — Madelyn Troester, Myra Peyton, Mattie Johnson, Lauren Gogel, Paislee Hansel, Summer Haas, Ruby West, Jadin Stephenson, Matilda Kuhlman, Kian Payne, Eliza Reicher and Laura Pierschbacher; third — Julia Kuennen, Destiny Wall, Payton Morrow, Kennedi Benesh, Millie Herbers, Cora Hageman and Amaya Pottebaum; fourth — Makenna Payne, Lindsay Ruchti, Morie Johnson, Makenna Fisher, Mackenzie Bries and Addison Reed; fifth — Mckynzie Strickell and Kloie Dugan; sixth — Avery Brown, Madilyn Payne, Amelia Miller, Jewel Hemry, Derbi Holt and Maelyn Hickey; eighth — Kenley Scholbrock and Lexi Martin.

The Moser team is coached by Carmen Moser Payne, Edgewood, Debbie Moser, Dyersville, and Bernita Moser, Kattie Payne Schulte and Luka Marie Schulte, Strawberry Point.

“It was really great to be able to compete again in front of the judges and grow in talent and confidence. Moser athletes have now set new goals and will continue to train and work hard to achieve to the best of their ability to meet those goals for the upcoming meets,” the coaches said.

“We are so appreciative of our very loyal, hard-working, and dedicated Moser team members and their families, sub-beginner through elite levels.